Who We Are - Our History

Lawrence LoPrete, was Owner/President of Kenmore Executives, Inc., from 1971 to 2001 when Larry sadly Passed away. Larry’s sons were working along with Larry for over twenty years and therefore were well positioned to continue growing Kenmore Executives, Inc. Larry’s early background was as a Management Consultant prior to owning Kenmore Executives, Inc. His background and love for Management Consulting influenced his strategic decision to focus on and to support the Management Consulting industry. Including Internal Corporate Consulting functions exclusively by providing both experienced as well as entry level operational professionals, Business Development Executives and Leadership talent supporting literally hundreds of firms. Clients have included what was once called the "Big Eight" firms; many privately owned consulting firms, and a long list of industrial clients in the Banking, Brokerage, Utilities and Manufacturing industries with in-house consulting functions.

By having a successful history in the Management Consulting industry, Kenmore Executives, Inc., possess an extensive database of talented, experienced professionals. This has allotted the company the experience and ability to target and identify needed talent on both the Domestic and International landscapes within a very short response time.

Kenmore Executives, Inc. has had the unique experience to witness many start up consulting firms. Some have succeeded or failed literally within months. At the same time, Kenmore Executives, Inc. has witnessed many established firms, which had attained some degree of stability; either grows and flourishes while some, sadly, suddenly go out of business. These conditions have sensitized Kenmore Executives, Inc. to the causes that have driven either success or failure. Kenmore Executives, Inc. has long offered advisory services to help many firms grow their business in order to attain that level of sustainability needed in today's challenging marketplace.

Steven LoPrete and Joseph LoPrete have continued to carry the company mantle where Lawrence left off. They continue growing the extensive client base and have developed a significant number of new client relationships. Impressively, Kenmore Executives, Inc. still holds a solid professional position within the marketplace today.